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We are in training and coaching sector from last 7 years. Started with consulting to engineering and diploma students for their projects we have involved to India’s leading training platform. Our Founders started guiding their friends and juniors in their college days for various IT, Electronics, Computers, Mechanical & instrumentation projects. After working on various innovative projects for Engineering, Diploma & M. Tech students, we were keen to make this student enter in Corporate. Innovation in teaching methods and understanding the students behavior and mentality is our strength. Founder hailing from rural background has always been thoughtful for upliftment of rural students who are looking for corporate jobs

Best API testing Training Courses in Pune : +91 92090 29818, +91 020 400 64081

API testing Training Courses in Pune, and that also at the Best Institute? Stand by not; you have the Pune’s best IT preparing establishment Speedway Tech in that general area at the core of the Pune city. Speedway is the No. 1 Software testing preparing focus that offers proficient preparation in both Manual and Automation testing.

Speedway tech ensures that actual results match the expected results. It is nothing but, identifying software bugs and inaccuracies and thereby validating the software product. It appraises the differences between the given input and the expected output. The basic methods of software testing include:

  • Examination of the code written
  • Execution of that code in various environments
  • Verifying all the features of the application are working perfectly well.
  • Focusing on the output generated against any input
  • Taking into account the internal mechanism of a system.

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Speedway Tech Corporate Training Center, Pune-411 041

Phone No: +91 9209029818

WhatsApp No: +91 9209029818