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Python Classes in Pune

Overview: Python Courses, Coaching & Classes

Our Python course syllabus is framed by our Industry experts. This Python and Django course content covers all the latest topics from basics to advanced levels like Python for Machine Learning, AI Development and Data Science.
This comprehensive Python and Django course is designed to take learners from foundational concepts to advanced proficiency, covering a spectrum of topics crucial for today’s dynamic technological landscape.

Key Features:

Industry-Driven Syllabus: Our Python course syllabus is thoughtfully curated by seasoned industry experts who bring real-world insights into the learning experience. The content is tailored to meet the demands of the ever-evolving technology sector. 

Comprehensive Learning Path: Participants in our Python course will traverse a learning path that begins with the basics and progresses to advanced levels. From fundamental Python programming to in-depth exploration of Django, our course ensures a holistic understanding of these powerful tools.

Python for Machine Learning: Unlock the potential of Python for Machine Learning as you delve into cutting-edge applications. Our course covers the essentials needed to harness Python’s capabilities in developing and implementing machine learning algorithms, enabling participants to contribute to this rapidly advancing field.

AI Development: Explore the exciting realm of Artificial Intelligence (AI) development through our Python course. From understanding the fundamentals to hands-on projects, learners gain the skills required to contribute to the development of intelligent systems using Python.

Data Science Mastery: Dive into the world of data with our comprehensive coverage of Python for Data Science. Participants will acquire the skills to analyze, visualize, and interpret data, making informed decisions and insights accessible in a data-driven landscape.

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Course Syllabus:

Python Course Syllabus

•What can Python do?
•Why Python?
•Good to know
•Python Syntax compared to other programming languages
•Python Install

•The print statement
•Python Data Structures & Data Types
•String Operations in Python
•Simple Input & Output
•Simple Output Formatting
•Operators in python

•The If statement and its’ related statement
•An example with if and it’s related statement
•The while loop
•The for loop
•The range statement
•Break &Continue
•Examples for looping

• Create your own functions 
• Functions Parameters
• Variable Arguments
• Scope of a Function
• Function Documentations
• Lambda Functions & map
• n Exercise with functions
• Create a Module
• Standard Modules

• Errors
• Exception handling with try
• handling Multiple Exceptions
• Writing your own Exception

• File handling Modes
• Reading File s
• Writing& Appending to Files
• Handling File Exception s
• The with statement

•New Style Classes 
•Creating Classes
•Instance Methods
•Exception Classes & Custom Exceptions

•The Functions any and all
•With Statement
•Data Compress ion

•List Comprehensions
•Nested List Comprehensions
•Dictionary Comprehensions
•Default Parameters
•Variable Arguments
•Specialized Sorts


•Components and Events
•An Example GUI
•The root Component
•Adding a Button
•Entry Widgets
•Text Widgets
•Check buttons

• Introduction
• Installation
• DB Connection
• Creating DB Table
• COMMIT & ROLLBACK operation
• handling Errors

• Introduction
• A Daytime Server
• Clients and Servers
• The Client Program
• The Server Program

• sleep
• Program execution time
• more methods on date/time

•Frozen set

•Working with special characters, date, emails
•Match and find all
•character sequence and substitute
•Search method

• Class and thraeds
• Multi-threading
• Synchronization
• Treads Life cycle
• use cases

• Introduct ion
• Facebook Messenger
• Openweather

• Django Overview
• Django Installation
• Creating a Project
• Usage of Project in deptDh iscussion
• Creating an Application
• Understanding Folder Structure
• Creating a Hello World Page
• Database and Views
• Static Files and Forms

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